Maybe you’re wondering…
“Is Sarah Petty too good to be true?” 
And I don’t blame you. Most people teaching photography business aren’t even running successful studios any longer so what they teach is out of date and out of touch.
So I’ll let my thousands of students weigh in…
What others are saying about Sarah Petty’s Courses:
Anyone else feel like you’re not sure you’re capable of getting a $1,500 order and ditching the digitals? Amanda told me she had a mental and emotional breakdown 2 weeks into the class. 

She doubted herself. 

Check out what happened to Amanda 5 weeks after she started Boutique Breakthrough. You won’t believe her story!
If you’ve been a photographer for many years and feel like you need a push to do things differently, meet Elizabeth.
Check out what happened to her in just 8 weeks of Boutique Breakthrough. 
If you’re in a small town and aren’t sure it’s possible that people will invest in anything other than digital files, meet Felicia!

A single mom who works a full time job, 20 days into Boutique Breakthrough she got her Julie. Her story will inspire you.   
Why would a photographer who has been in business 23 years take Boutique Breakthrough? 

You’ll love Katrina’s story of breaking out of package pricing and her fear of success.
As a child Kelly had dreamed of becoming a photographer. But life had other plans. Once she retired, she wanted to do something for herself. 

Here’s Kelly’s boutique breakthrough story: 
What happens when a 20 year old college student takes Boutique Breakthrough?

Meet Leena. Since Boutique Breakthrough, her clients don’t even bat an eye at her prices and respect her as an artist.
End of the rope trying to figure out your prices on your own? So was Mindy.

Wait till you hear about Mindy’s first order during Boutique Breakthrough. You won’t believe it.
Do you get stuck not knowing what to say? Overexplaining? Underexplaining? So did Shalicia. Here’s why she jumped in the pool with all her clothes on and how Boutique Breakthrough changed everything for her. 
Is Boutique Breakthrough right for you if you don’t even have a business name and haven’t started your photography business yet?

In September, Tara didn’t even have a business. She felt like Boutique Breakthrough was a great opportunity for someone else, but not her. Less than 8 weeks later, she had 2 Julies! Wow! Here’s her story.
Can you do Boutique Breakthrough if you don’t know Photoshop or have a Website yet? Vinne pushed herself to a point she didn’t think was ever possible, learning Photoshop and designing her website AND she got her Julie during the workshop.

Here’s what she has to say about her boutique breakthrough.
79% Increase in My Business!
I’m Finally Confident Enough to Ask for What I Deserve.
More money from one single model call than I had in the 3 months before that total!
I joined this course and now I truly feel validated in my photography!
The process Sarah gave us WORKS! Thank you so much for giving me this knowledge! 
I just feel more comfortable talking to my clients now.
For the rest of my life, I'll be so grateful to Sarah Petty and her team for putting this together.
I had nothing a year ago, I now have a legitimate business. That's the confidence that I need.
These classes have taken me much further that I had ever taken myself!
It is worth every penny, so is her team and so is the knowledge that you're gonna get from this class
One of the best things that I've ever done for myself!
It's just incredible how far I've come in such little bit of time.
Sarah Petty and her training's have changed my business!
More mini-session bookings already using the boutique business model!
I couldn’t run my photography business and be a stay-at-home mom without this group and Sarah Petty.
This program has taken my sales from
$200 / session to $1,600 per session!
I know what to say now when I’m marketing my photography.
My clients aren’t batting an eye on price because I know how to show my value.
My first IPS was over $1,200 and it’s growing! I’ve never come close to that before.
My second boutique IPS EVER was $801!
First Client Invested $4,000!
I have enough marketing activities to last for years!
I could finally get the right caliber of clients!
I no longer feel bad charging what I’m worth!
I finished the course in 3 days and had a $5,000 order on day 3!
Fewer clients, more money and more family time!
The best business investment I’ve ever made!
Within 2 months, I made more than enough to pay for the whole course!
I”m reaching my target audience with success!
The community and support are
Debt-free and money in the bank!
Ditching digital files has been a mindset change and I know that I serve my clients better.
My kids are happy, my husband is happy, and I am happy! All is well because of this group.
Sarah petty is going to transform YOU! I have learned and accomplished so much in the last 4 weeks.
This course is extremely resourceful and organized and I got my first $2k order!
The progress I have made, the knowledge I have gained, and the understanding of what I need to be doing in my business is amazing! I couldn't have done it without you and this group.
This course has been the best thing I have ever done because I have learned so much about starting and launching my own business.
One of the biggest things Boutique Breakthrough has taught me is that I do not have to justify myself to others anymore.
This course has been what I have been searching for and what I needed for my business!
This course has allowed me to be able to look within myself and realize why I truly do what I do and has boosted my confidence.
Since taking this course, I have met the most supportive people and have so many tools to be successful in my business now.
This course has given me so much confidence and motivation to keep moving forward in my business.
I have had so much success with this course and have gained so much more confidence in myself.
I gained the confidence to sell prints to a shoot and burn client because I took this course!
I have learned so much in this course and have turned my business around!
I am more excited about my business than ever before because this course has taught me so much and my self confidence has been boosted.
The main thing I have gained from this course is self confidence! 
This course is well worth the investment because I have learned how to make my business a professional one!
I went to school for photography and was never taught how to price my photography until I took this course!
I kept getting stuck in my photography business and this course has shown me exactly what I need to be doing as a boutique photographer!
Taking this course was a leap of faith for me, but since starting it, I LOVE it! It has given me everything I need to have a successful photography business.
I have made more progress in my photography business in the last 3 weeks than I have in a really long time!
This course works and I am so happy to be a part of this group!
It was incredible to have a community with other photographers and I know how much I need that for myself now.
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